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cropped-header-4.jpgI have to give a big apology to regular readers of my blog for not posting for a full two months.

Well there has certainly been a reason for it and it has absolutely nothing to do with being in Vegas for the WSOP or because I was in France watching England in the Euro’s.

I have been trialling the SNIPER on the road and visiting numerous casinos playing small stakes cash games mainly at the £0.50-£1 and £1-£1 (with the odd 1-2) levels. I have to report some staggering success and I have won £9,388 since the 1st June having logged 357 hours of play in that time.


No Need to go to Vegas to Make Money in Poker

At an hourly rate of £26.29 per hour and a rate of around 25 hands per hour then I have played somewhere in the region of around 8900 hands at a staggering 105bb/100 hands.

That’s amazing and is far and away greater than anything I have achieved or ever will achieve playing online in terms of big blinds per hour.

I always knew the live games were soft because of the local small buy-in poker tournaments and the bad beat jackpots but they are stupidly soft.

Over the next few months I am going to concentrate on using SNIPER at 1-2 and attempt to double the hourly rate of £26.29.

It is THIS that I got into poker for and for me, the future is clear and I am leaving online poker to other people because the production and enhancement of my SNIPER stable is my top online priority these days.


Do You Fancy Joining the SNIPER Stable of Poker Players?

I simply cannot and will not spend any more time grinding online when I can pick up easy money playing live.

For me now the computer is for my poker business and staying in touch with my students and finding and bringing on board new ones.

I am leaving it to other people to take SNIPER forward in online poker while I concentrate on live play and managing my stable.

After playing online poker professionally since 2002 including several stints as a professional with Cake Poker and 888 poker then I owe it to myself to spend less time on a computer and from now on, online poker is taking a back seat for me personally in terms of actually playing online.

Money can still be made online if you have discipline and are WILLING to put the time in and you have a good system and back up behind you which SNIPER along with myself will provide.

However it is all down to you as to whether or not you are willing to come on board or not and as the saying goes…. “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink”. A person needs to be willing because the correct mindset is everything. If you are willing then the rest takes care of itself.

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