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3991I spent all last night watching the EU results come in until around 4am when it was obvious that the “leave” vote had won. I am not going to enter into political debate here as I never mix politics with poker….I voted but how I voted is academic.

However I do know this….a lot of people rightly or wrongly are concerned about their future as a result of this referendum. The bottom line is that whatever the result had been be it leave or remain then millions of people would have been worried about their future anyway!


I Got Sick and Tired of Worrying About My Future

The latest data on debt levels in the UK are very sobering. The current level of debt in the UK has doubled in the past ten years and now stands at a staggering £1.47 TRILLION or 1470 BILLION (as of July 2015)!!

This figure is rising and currently stands at about £4000 per adult (I did the maths).

Whether we are in or out of the EU has NOTHING whatsoever to do with this figure and neither is which political party happens to be in power.

There is an excellent poker training video by the poker player Brian Townsend where he talks about the biggest step that a poker player has to make in order to become a winner…… “Becoming responsible for your results”…..but doesn’t this reflect life in general?

People are in financial difficulty in the UK (and in most other countries too) because they have made poor decisions in their life and do not take the responsibility for that.


Don’t Put Your Future into The Hands of Greedy People Who Work in Their Own Interests Entirely

So their debt levels spiral and they then make even further poor choices when it comes to controlling that debt and then trying to eliminate it.

In 2002 I made the choice to stop making excuses as to why I wasn’t successful and other people were and stop accepting that they were lucky and I wasn’t and I got into poker in a serious way.

I had bummed out during my early years and that was MY FAULT…..not the governments fault or the EU or anything else because the fact of the matter is this……THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCES THAT HAPPEN WITHIN OUR LIVES ARE CREATED BY OURSELVES.

Successful people and winners don’t need to be in the EU or out of the EU or for the Conservative Party or Labour Party to be in power or supposed good economic times….they succeed because they have creativity and they decide to do something productive about their future rather than sit back and hope for the best.


Traders Simply Shorted the Pound in Anticipation of Bad News

As I watched the results from the referendum come in, Sterling plunged after the early result from Newcastle.

These were actions taken by smart traders shorting the Pound in anticipation of a leave vote happening.

By the morning the Pound against the USD had fallen from $1.49 to $1.34……but GUESS WHAT!

Traders had been shorting the pound and buying it back after it had fallen and had made MILLIONS! For every winner in life there are numerous losers and it’s your choice as to which side you are on……not luck or fate or what the “stars say”.

I recall the line delivered by Tom Hanks who played Jim Lovell in the movie Apollo 13 when he was sat on the lawn with his wife looking up at the moon after watching Neil Armstrong become the first man to step out onto its surface

“It’s not a miracle…..we just decided to go”

It was only when I became a successful online and live poker player, writer and coach did I realise that the reason for that success had simply been the determination to make something happen and the drive to follow it through.


Never Buy Hope…..Buy a Plan and STICK to it

Poker is a way to change people’s lives and it is achievable unlike the plethora of false dawns and utopian avenues that people pursue like buying lottery tickets and scratch cards and hoping to find a job or get a pay rise.

If people want to change their life and have the desire to want to put the work and time in and they want to work with me then I am interested to speak with them. People that make money from poker simply take money from the people that lose it and the ones that get that money take steps to place themselves into the top 5% of players…..THE WINNERS!

All they need if they have that desire is to reach out to the right people and be taught effective ways of playing poker or in other words…..WINNING!

Winning poker isn’t about being super smart, it isn’t about being incredibly lucky (not if you play cash games) and success doesn’t mean getting into debt like with University fees or loans and you don’t need to be a great poker player either (SNIPER takes care of that).

………it’s about DESIRE to want to change your life and realising that the ONLY HURDLE that stands in your way is the person that you see looking back at you the next time that you look in the mirror.

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