SNIPER: Winning the Battle of Decisions

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3991Poker is all about making decisions….we literally live and die so to speak at the poker table by not only the quality of our decisions but the quality of those decisions when pitched against the quality of the decisions from our opponents. So as the great poker theorist David Sklansky once said…. “Poker is a Battle of Decisions”.

This is what is so powerful about SNIPER because it puts index numbers and weight of money numbers onto situations that allow you to make BETTER and MORE ACCURATE poker decisions.


Online Players use Trackers to Make Better Decisions but they Don’t Work in Live Games

In fact if you look at the high-stakes poker videos on this site then you will even see when you come on board just how effective SNIPER can really be at that exalted level of poker as well.

I go onto YouTube an awful lot these days because I find it more entertaining than the rubbish dished out on modern terrestrial and cable/Sky TV.

I put the SNIPER numbers onto many cash game situations and it even holds its own against world class players which is certainly not what it was designed to do.

In fact when I put SNIPER into these hands and see the results it makes me even more proud of what for me is close to being my greatest achievement in poker. The development of SNIPER and my poker stable is the biggest reason why I now play less live poker and certainly online poker and concentrate more and more on the business of poker.


SNIPER was used to turn $100 into $100k

There is one HUGE reason as to why my coaching methods work and you only need to look at the image to see why.

Anybody that enrols in SNIPER will not be attending lectures, there are no audio-visual aids and so no videos and there are certainly no demos.

There are no group discussions and while there is a lot or reading……it isn’t just random reading but reading about the index numbers that allow you to make many more powerful poker decisions.

Couple this with practice of being involved in my poker stable and the fact that you will be able to teach SNIPER to others if you so choose means that my methods are PARTICIPATORY in nature and not passive.

They are not passive because you can take SNIPER into battle within a very short space of time after enrolling.

Contact Carl “The Dean” Sampson for details of his SNIPER programme at and you can also see Carl at


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