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3991I think there are plenty of life changing moments that we all experience but quite often the biggest ones go either unnoticed or we fail to act on them.

When I speak of a “game changer” then what I am basically saying is that it was a “life changer”. I have always maintained that you don’t need to win a million dollars for money to be “life changing”.


Financial Wealth Comes From the Accumulation of Small Advantages

Playing poker full-time and making £20/hour tax free IS LIFE CHANGING for a large number of people. That is £40,000 per year which is equivalent to around £65,000 per year if you were in a job and paying tax on it at the UK tax rate.

If you have low income or no income or you are in debt then this is life changing….there is no two ways about that.

I was born into a moderate working class hard working family that had little money. I left school with next to no qualifications because I was idle at school.

However if I had one resounding gift then it was that I was an excellent money manager….a gift that during my early years I didn’t even know that I possessed.

I once wrote an article about how to make $1 million from playing poker without playing high-stakes or anything remotely close to it. Naturally some people were sceptical but you need to remember that the money that you make from poker happens both DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY.


No More Need to go to Las Vegas to Make it as a Poker Player

The direct income comes from the money that you make in the actual games. The indirect income comes over time from money that you make as a result of having played poker.

Let me explain…..imagine if you made £40k per year for ten years playing poker and banked half of that money meaning that after ten years you have made £400k but still have £200k left.

Investing this in smart stocks and shares or currencies with the right people can show a very good rate of return. Likewise if you use the money to also buy cheap property with a view to renovation.

If you made £20/hr playing poker playing full-time then you would have made £1 million over 25 years which is still a fantastic achievement.

CCF11062016_PPE COV

Dusty Schmidt Made Millions Playing Online Poker

However most people don’t want to wait that long and want financial security far sooner. The key is to then get your poker income to work for you just like any other money.

If the interest rates are poor like they presently are and property prices are stagnant then this doesn’t mean that all money making opportunities are exhausted.

The key to smart stock market speculation isn’t rocket science and neither is smart property buying but most people just need to find funds to do it with.

Poker allows people that chance simply because in many places around the world the income is tax free. Once I realised that I could and WOULD literally change my own life simply by COMMITTING TO A PROCESS then my mindset and with it my life changed.

Within five years my poker income was starting to generate meaningful money and I wasn’t even playing high-stakes. As an example I made £35k in one month speculating on a stock that I got very good information on.


Opportunities Exist When You Create Money

Do these opportunities come along often….NO…..but they do exist because opportunities always do but they exist even more when you have the funds available to do something about it.

I used my study of stock markets and the contacts that I had accumulated to go into different areas of speculation.

I bought and studied the excellent book “The Education of a Speculator” by Victor Neiderhoffer and this kick-started my love of trading which eventually helped me design SNIPER and to make it so successful.

Once you start to do this and buy into the business model then a new world opens up. The ability to make £1 million suddenly quantum leaps because your poker income is now coming to you indirectly as well as directly!

Once I realised this then I knew my life was changing but the way to achieve all of this is through discipline and a structured way of achieving it…..meaning that when we play poker we are doing so with a PLAN and we NEVER deviate from that plan and we use our poker income as a stepping stone to something greater.


It is FAR easier to Win Tiny Amounts Consistently Than to Win a Large Amount Once

I can teach you how to make good consistent income from playing poker at the lower levels both live and online. These levels are filled with recreational players and one dimensional poker thinkers.

We simply design and then implement a process of funnelling a small percentage of this money our way and not giving it back.

That process is SNIPER and this structured way of playing poker is what the overwhelming majority of poker players both professional and amateur lack!

At the end of the day then money makes money…’s how the world works. Having money also prevents debt which if left unchecked spirals out of control and is a serious handicap when it comes to achieving financial freedom.

Employers cannot give us financial freedom, neither can the banks or the government….we can ONLY do this by ourselves and the decisions that we make but the great thing is that there is NOTHING to prevent us from achieving this…. only ourselves.


I Turned $100 into $100,000 Several Years Ago During My Time as a Poker Pro Europe Columnist

I often thought in the past that rich people were either lucky or that they had special gifts and talents that I didn’t possess… some cases this was true but in the overwhelming majority of cases it wasn’t….it took me far too long to realise this.

In the overwhelming majority of cases these people simply “DO IT”.

They learn how to make money and then commit to a process and then simply “DO IT”. The process of changing their lives then becomes their “life” and that change will happen as sure as night following day.

Playing poker and making money from poker both directly and indirectly made my future totally secure and many people would consider me wealthy.

The UK personal debt as it stands is £1.47 TRILLION…..broken down that means £4000 per adult and that doesn’t include mortgage debt.

People on the whole are very poor money managers and that’s why they make poor poker players.

Our job in order to make ourselves wealthy or financially secure is to simply filter a tiny fraction of that money that resulted from our opponents inability to play structured poker our way and keep it there and then to make our profits work for us.


            Louis Pasteur



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