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The Dean on Poker Tells

sta_pic_0As a professional poker player and coach then I would be terribly remiss to neglect this part of the game. Online poker provides a different problem and the “tells” as it were are present within the betting patterns that players exhibit both in general and within the confines of a specific hand of play.

However a few years ago I switched to live play and as I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have Dave Ulliott to thank for that largely.

I won £20k in my first year and have done equally well in every year since when I have been putting the hours in.

During that time I have built up a formidable arsenal of poker tells through being in the trenches and seeing players up close and taking and maintaining records and notes.


I Have Never Been To Las Vegas but I Know it is the Mecca for Skilled Poker Players

The truth of the matter is this… card rooms are full of either inexperienced or amateur poker players and especially in the small live cash games with blinds of £0.50-£1 or £1-£2 or their USD equivalent.

I think that any careful study of poker tells would DOUBLE a players earn rate.

If you are making £10 per hour then you can double it and £20/hour becomes £40 simply because once you know what to look for then certain players become an open book.

In a strange sort of way this was information that I didn’t want to pass on and decided to leave it out of the SNIPER program course. So I am including this as either a stand-alone program in its own right or an add-on to the course for players that want to come into my stable.

The bottom line is this…..with a strong system behind you like SNIPER then you will beat the live games for a very good clip and guess what….there is no shelf life to live poker games.


Some Players Play Poker so Obviously That They May as Well Play With Their Cards Turned Face Up

Card rooms will always be around as will poker tournaments and many of these players end up in cash games.

It isn’t even difficult these days to get several hundred pounds per week from live cash games played in small casinos like the G-Casino for example with their constant army of bad beat chasing recreational players.

These casinos are easy pickings but if you are deadly serious about becoming a ferocious poker player at the table or you have thoughts of playing professionally then my live tells poker program is a fantastic add-on to the SNIPER.

If the thought of a THOUSAND POUND per week tax free income gets your juices flowing then you seriously need to consider this option.

If you can commit to playing poker full time and have a car (of even if you haven’t provided you live local to a casino) then playing professional poker is within your grasp. In fact in the UK then all poker winnings are TAX-FREE unlike in the USA.


TAX FREE Winnings For Most Poker Players Depending on Where You Live

If your preference is to play live poker rather than be stuck in front of a computer screen then The Dean’s Live Poker Tells program will open up a NEW DIMENSION in poker and allow you to get a devastating edge on your competition.

3991Carl “The Dean” Sampson is a professional poker player and you can also see Carl at Grinderschool and as a poker guest on the Bill Rini poker blog