Are you really a poker player?

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3991It is a fallacy that all players can be good poker players but yet millions of people all over the world flock into poker for the entertainment value, excitement value and profit potential.

However poker exposes your very personality and this is what makes the game tough to beat at any level. Let us say that you were thinking of playing the $0.01-$0.02 micro levels and you deemed to be a sound player.

Now most people would argue that a solid poker player would be guaranteed to beat these levels but yet I would wager that many high-stakes players wouldn’t beat $2 games. If you find that you simply cannot respect the money at this low level then you have no chance of beating the level.

poker-726377_960_720This clearly shows that technical knowledge by itself isn’t enough at any level of play. In fact having technical knowledge is only part of the puzzle and it is almost useless if you never exercise that knowledge.

In that aspect then the knowledge serves no more purpose than useless trivia. So if you are not a natural poker player and by that I mean that you have certain weaknesses that are not helping you play good poker then you have to come at the problem from a different angle.

One such angle is to make your game systematic almost like a day trader. This word horrifies many people but the process of making your game systematic removes many negative factors from your game.


Vegas isn’t the place to prove that you can hang as a poker player, online is where you prove that.

Firstly it removes emotion from your game because your decisions are almost being taken out of your hands. Secondly it stops you from doing rash and impulsive things and if you can stop doing that then your poker is always being played on the same level.

You may not be playing your “A” game and you may always be playing your “C” game but you are never stooping to play your “E” and “F” game……EVER!

If your views and opinions are not guaranteed to make money because you have no experience then using a system that is almost “automated” in nature is a big step forward and it is one that I think is an essential step for millions of players.


Casinos are Great Places to Find Weak Poker Players

  • In my experience then the vast majority of people who come into poker have flaws that are not conducive to playing the game well.

Everybody has an “A” game where when they are on it makes them a very strong player. However there is a difference between someone being strong and being temporarily strong.

An analogy can be made with football, a lower league team can raise their game on any given day and beat a much better team in a one off cup tie. However this doesn’t alter the fact that there is a gulf between the teams even though the lesser team won on the day.

  • Poker is like this because of the luck aspect within the game then players tend to naturally play better poker when they are winning and so are then automatically on their “A” game.
  • However if you play in an automatic pilot style way then you have actually redefined your “A” game into something else.
  • Suddenly your “A” game has new boundaries and this is when you can really be on your game all the time.
  • To play a very good automated style means having a lot of poker theory behind you and playing at stake levels where this style works because your opponents are making fundamental mistakes!
  • So the facts are plain as day, you are in all likelihood not a natural poker player but the good news is…….neither are your opponents.


sta_pic_0Carl Sampson is an online poker pro and poker ambassador for 888poker


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