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sta_pic_0There is no doubt that poker changed my life and there is no doubt that it can change yours too. Back in 2014 when I first devised the SNIPER system I was acutely aware of just how flawed modern poker had become and not to mention how complex.

I felt it had to be simplified and the famous quote by Leonardo Da Vinci which says “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” is displayed on the home page of my PC. It was Albert Einstein who remarked that “things should be as simple as possible but not more so” meaning….keep things simple but don’t overdo it.


The Bulk of my 100K Challenge was done on 888poker

This complexity is the main pivotal reason as to why people are simply not making money from poker and certainly not making life changing sums of money.

There are simply too many voices and too much opinion and complexity so is it any wonder that people can’t see the wood for the trees?

If you factor in that the majority of players are following the EXACT same theory lines and using broadly similar styles then you have the making of poker Armageddon.

There is no doubt that poker and especially online poker has gotten tougher in which to make money but for one simple reason…..a combination of ego (playing too high) and too many people playing the same way has compressed earn rates.

Too many are playing similar poker styles to each other and not exploring other avenues!


Live games are every bit as profitable as they were due to the influx of a new wave of recreational amateur tournament players many of who venture into cash games.

I made £34k (around $50k) in 18 months just playing part-time around 15-20 hours a week in live games using SNIPER around the UK between 2012 and 2014 and that figure is rising as I still play live and when I do play then I use SNIPER. Prior to that I was using SNIPER in online $25, $50 and $100 ring games and doing very well there also.

CCF11062016_PPE COV

Leatherass made millions using a SYSTEM and then EXECUTING it.

The system itself is not only UNIQUE… is also devastatingly effective and uses financial day trading principles at its very core that allows players to KNOW when to launch bluffs, when to value bet and how much and more importantly when their opponents are bluffing and when they are value betting.

In short it tells you in a systematic way just when to fold and when to bluff successfully. Making bad calls and losing money is an earn rate killer…..SNIPER corrects this.

Making bad folds and being bluffed when you could have called and won or raised and won is also an earn rate killer…..SNIPER corrects this also.

How many times have you missed value because you didn’t know that your opponent was strong enough to call a much bigger bet?

SNIPER does all this and it achieves this objective by placing index numbers and weight of money ratios onto each situation that you encounter at the table. The unique F.E.R.N or “Fold Equity Ratio Number” is a fantastic concept that has card counting principles as its very core.

Couple this with the W.O.M or “Weight of Money” ratio number and you have a massively powerful money making tool at your disposal. The SNIPER system is revealed in a 40 lesson course that incorporates not just the SNIPER but also an entire blueprint for playing professional level poker.

To Gain an Edge…..Be Different!

The course is called “SNIPER: Professional Poker Blueprint” and is designed for live cash games and lower stakes online poker games. It doesn’t just teach the SNIPER and how to make money playing poker but how to think like a professional.


Take SNIPER to Vegas

  • You can basically put all of your books to one side and coaching videos because these have been holding you back.

This isn’t because these guys are stupid or bad poker players or even telling you things that are wrong…..but they are in business to coach EVERYBODY so where is the edge in everybody knowing the same tactics?

  • If you are not making money in poker or your game is stagnating then you owe it to yourself to try the SNIPER.

On top of that I am also taking any interested parties and bringing them on board into my stable of poker players who if these people so wish can enter into an ongoing poker business relationship with me where I coach them in SNIPER and then stake them for as long as they so choose.



If you want to change your life and become part of a poker partnership or if you want to supercharge your poker game or if you just want to damn well do something exciting and want to work with me and join the team then drop me a message to and l will get back to you as soon as possible

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