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Ok….lets get this out of the way first….I am not a tournament player….never have been and never will be even though I have played in them from time to time.

There is one very good reason for this and that is because I was forced into playing poker as a job or in other words “professionally” or whatever name you want to give.

I needed to put food onto the table and pay the bills just like anybody else. The only way for me to make money back then was to play poker and the only way to make consistent money from poker was to play cash games.


Any Pro Needs Guaranteed Income!!!

The luck element in tournament poker is massive….far too big if your plan is to play poker for a living. However if you love the thrill of chasing a big score then tournament poker and some of the prizes on offer can certainly get your juices flowing and there are many online events these days with $100,000 in prize money or more.

So you might ask the question as to what a player like me that doesn’t play tournament poker has to say on the subject and what a tournament player could possibly learn from me?

Well let me get one thing straight here……The reason why I don’t play tournaments isn’t because I cannot play them well.

I would be massively confident in my own strategy being strong enough to do better over my poker playing lifetime than at least 99% of poker players who currently consider themselves tournament poker players.


LV…The Home of the WSOP

There is one very good and sound reason for this….my grounding in game theory and the fact that my strategy for winning a poker tournament would be superior to at least 99% of people that play them.

It isn’t about intelligence or anything like that…it’s about designing a strategy for a tournament and understanding a poker tournament and what the requirements are to do well.

The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of players never give themselves a chance to win a tournament and certainly the big events with hundreds of players played over several days. In fact many small tournament players have never won a tiny event (less than $100) or seriously cashed despite playing them for years.


You Must Learn to Amass Chips in Tournaments and Balance Survival with Chip Accumulation

The problems are that they don’t adapt, they don’t realise what they need to do and they don’t have the right plan and strategy when they start and the odd “near miss” fuels their belief that all they need to do to get a big score is to get a little luckier.

This may sound conceited but if I had dedicated my entire life to tournament poker I would certainly be a lot more known than I am as I would in that time have taken down at least one high profile event and that’s all it takes to get famous in poker.

There are two elements to any poker tournament……luck and skill.

The luck element evens out over time and so that takes care of itself. The skill element is taken care of by having the right strategy and when you have the right strategy and then luck comes your way then you are going to go close in ANY TOURNAMENT!

However you cannot win a big event just by luck alone if your strategy is poor……PERIOD!


You Could be in Vegas Taking Down a Big Event and That’s Where Poker Fame Awaits

So this is why ANY PLAYER that reads my $100,000 Tournament Poker Blueprint will get something out of it that will improve their chances of winning the next tournament that they play in……that even includes experienced tournament professionals.

Players that have never won an event in their life will probably find it ground breaking.

If you want to play poker tournaments then I am not knocking you….personally I am of the belief that you play “cash games for dough and tournaments for show”.


My Favourite Place in the World is the Buzz of a Casino

So any player that signs up for the SNIPER course or who simply purchases SNIPER gets access to my $100,000 Tournament Poker Blueprint totally FREE of charge as an add-on.

Not that I would ever advise anyone to mix the two forms of poker but you can’t stop people from wanting to play both or expanding their poker education.

So for those of you that come on board with Project Poker Pro and with the SNIPER program then remind me to send you my $100,000 Tournament Poker Blueprint and don’t forget to send me an e-mail the next time that you cash or win a tournament because I definitely want to hear from you if you have done well in one of the big online $100k events.

There is no doubt that my tournament poker philosophy will seriously quantum leap your chances of cashing or winning in the very next event that you play. Any player that signs up for the SNIPER or Project Poker Pro and my stable of players gets this e-book totally free of charge.

3991Carl “The Dean” Sampson is a poker pro, coach and backer and you can contact Carl at sharkpooldean@yahoo.co.uk to join his poker stable and gain access to the SNIPER and his free $100,000 Tournament Poker Blueprint