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“The Dean” is the pen name for one of Europe’s most active live and online poker professionals, coach, writer, theorist and backer.

His name is Carl Sampson and Carl has played at numerous levels in the online and live cash poker games for the past ten years.

You can also currently see Carl on Poker.Co.Uk and he is currently working on his other website where you can see a wealth of great articles.

This is sure to be a poker site to watch out for in the future with regards to poker bonuses and great material.


The Dean Started Dealing Blackjack Followed by Playing Blackjack and Then Eventually Writing a Book on Blackjack


It started way back twenty years ago for Carl when he became employed as a croupier inside a casino in his home town of Sheffield.

It was here that Carl steadily built up his knowledge of the gaming industry and he later used this to good effect when he successfully set up and trained several teams of blackjack players that practiced their trade all across the globe.

Carl spent nine relatively unhappy years inside the casino’s but it was a chance meeting in the summer of 1998 that gave “The Dean” the opportunity to play blackjack, his first role in the arena of professional gambling.

A wealthy backer gave Carl the opportunity to play and teach blackjack on a large scale and to really use his expertise.

He was also asked to train others in what he knew both in how to beat the game and evasion techniques.

“The Dean” first arrived at his pen name in a local poker game, every time that someone asked him what the odds were for hitting a certain hand or what to do in a certain situation, Carl was always there with the answer. People started to call him the “Dean of Poker”.


1999 Was My First Big Year Playing Poker With ÂŁ20k Winnings


Carl’s schedule is a hefty one these days and involves playing live poker as well as running and coaching his stable of online and live poker players as well as his work for 888poker.

Carl’s love of writing led him to write three books, one on cheating and advantage play in Roulette and one on Blackjack while he also wrote a poker theory book entitled “Winning Cash Game Poker”.

“The Dean’s” book, “Princes of Darkness: The World of High Stakes Blackjack” tells the story of the blackjack team that Carl set up.

He ran this team between 1998 and 2002 although he freely admits at the end of that book that he merely worked for wages.

“The Dean” first started coaching and imparting what he knew about blackjack in 1998 and this coaching spilled over into poker in 2004.

“The Dean” has also advised on cheating and advantage play with an international film company in 2003.

CCF11062016_PPE COV

Leatherass….Another Great Personal Motivator

Carl has written poker theory for the Flop Turn River website, All Aussie Poker website, Poker News Daily, Part Time Poker and Poker Olymp website amongst a whole host of others.

This also includes The Hendon Mob website where he has over 1oo articles alone archived there.

“The Dean’s” reputation has grown within the industry and he has had offers in 2008 to join top coaching teams including Stox Poker and Poker Swat.

These sites boast some of the best online players and theorists in the world, offers that Carl sadly had to decline because of his other playing and coaching commitments.

Over the years Carl has written poker theory for a whole host of poker magazines including the WPT, Poker Pro Europe, Online Poker Pro, Bluff Europe, Player Ireland, Flush and the online magazine of 2+2 where he wrote high-stakes limit hold’em theory for 18 months.

CCF11062016_PPE MAN

My Days at Poker Pro Europe Magazine

“The Dean” set up his own rakeback poker site in 2008 which you can see at thedeanrakeback with some of the best online poker rake deals to be found anywhere online.

Carl also has numerous contacts within the online poker rakeback industry and is frequently in a position to offer his students and poker business partners deals that are not commonly found elsewhere.

In 2014 Carl produced his poker “coup de grace” when he devised his ground breaking poker system called “The SNIPER”.

A system geared for live games as well as online poker that helps a player get fast tracked into being a winning player in ways that are UNIQUE within poker using Carl’s inside knowledge of Financial Trading principles.

Carl used this system to win over £34k inside 18 months in live poker games alone between 2012 and 2014 just playing part-time.

To contact Carl about The SNIPER and/or to be coached/staked then drop him an e-mail at

sta_pic_0See The Dean and other top players and theorists at



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