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sta_pic_0For those of you that are not familiar with online poker and its history then you may not have heard of POTRIPPER. This was a cheating scandal on Absolute Poker where a player had access to a “super user” account and could see the cards of everybody else. This lead to some amazing plays and a super human earn rate.

Needless to say that it was exposed but we can learn an awful lot from POTRIPPER….meaning just how high our earn rate can get when we are aware of our opponents cards.


Chips Come Our Way When We Use SNIPER Index Numbers

This then means that the utopian goal for ANY poker player to maximise their earn rate is to try to ultimately get closer to the truth of what our opponents hold or more specifically….what general strength do they have.

So it gets to the very core of what we are trying to achieve at the poker table…..this is to get CLOSE TO THE ABSOLUTE (forgive the pun) TRUTH of what our opponents have.

This is why the overwhelming majority of players struggle to make meaningful money playing poker…..they bluff when they shouldn’t be bluffing and don’t bluff when they should be bluffing and miss value in value bet situations.

The bottom line is that they lose a ton of money bluffing in spots where their opponents are simply not folding……they lose a ton of money when they fail to pick up pots that they should have won and they lose a ton of money in pots where they missed value.

So instead of making $50,000 or $100,000 at the end of the year……they break even or just scrape a profit.


Poker Pro Europe Readers Followed my 100k Challenge

Big bucks come from the repetition of small amounts compounded. This is WHY SNIPER is so powerful because for the first time we can place INDEX numbers onto each situation that we encounter that identifies what we need to do and when and why.

So instead of having no style and no track to run on and NO PLAN…..we now have a style and a method that we replicate. In LIVE GAMES then SNIPER has been immensely powerful of late and is why I have played live for two years.

I don’t play any other way now and its powerful financial trading principles of weight of money and tape reading form the very core of SNIPER and why it is so powerful.

Any player that wants to learn more can simply contact me at or who wants to be coached in SNIPER or who fancies joining my stable of players as part of PROJECT POKER PRO.

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