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sta_pic_0While I am not going to go into the details of SNIPER here in this post, you will see the power of it right here. Anybody who wants further details can contact me at by the way.

I was playing in a £1-£2 blind game in Sheffield and the game was only 6 handed after two players had temporarily left the table. It had been folded around to an Iranian guy called Mir to my right who made it £10 to go from the cut-off seat. He had a stack of around £450 and my stack was around £320 at the time.


Nobody Figures You Out in Live Games

I held the 5 (S) 4 (S) on the button and decided to call. Both blinds folded and we saw a flop with £23 in it. The flop came

J (H) 2 (H)  J (S)

So apart from some backdoor straight draws then I had missed this flop and had no right staying in.

My opponent bet £15 on the flop and I decided to think even though I knew full well what I was going to do…………the play is to CALL.

I called and that made the pot £53 (less the rake) and the turn card was

A (H)

Mir now bet £20 and the SNIPER play is…….to RAISE!!!

The FERN numbers and WOM numbers that are inherent within SNIPER and are the secrets behind its success indicated such and I raised it to £75.


SNIPER Creates Pressure and Pressure Creates Mistakes

My opponent thought for a while and gave me the stare but then ultimately folded and showed me

10 (D) 10 (C)

I rake in £45 in profit in what ultimately became a £374 win after around four hours of play. In live small stakes games there really is no stopping the SNIPER.

Contact Carl at for further details if you want to join his poker stable or for details on SNIPER.

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