Free money at Pacific Poker to launch their 11th birthday

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I have had a very close affinity with Pacific Poker over the past few years. It goes without saying that I find the site above all others (I really do mean that) simply because of the professionalism of the people that I work with. However they are launching their 11th birthday party on the 13th June until the 23rd June. Pacific Poker are offering eleven consecutive Pacific Poker freerolls of $1000 with a $3000 event on the final day. This makes a huge $13,000 in freerolls.

There is nothing like “free” money in any form of gambling and even if you don’t win, you cannot argue about the fact that you had the chance to win money without risking anything. For decades mathematicians have been trying to construct ways of making money with no risk. If the outcome of any event is unknown then there has to be risk associated somewhere. So if you can make money without risk then this is the best way of all to make money. As a poker player then I would love to be able to make money without risk.

Some styles are more risky than others but let me put a very interesting point to you. If a poker player won $10,000 and another player won $100 then it is clear which amount is the greater. However the amounts won don’t always tell the full picture. If the player that won $10,000 risked $500 then they have a risk return ratio of 20/1. That is not bad but what if I told you that the player that won $100 did so by risking nothing when he won it in a freeroll. Remember that people like Chris Ferguson famously turned $0 into $10,000 some years ago in his bankroll challenge.

If you fancy a crack at playing poker or even playing poker for a living but don’t really fancy risking money then freerolls may just be for you. I know some people’s wives and families frown on gambling money and risking money. However in freeroll events then this part of the game is absent because the entire tournament is being staged by the poker site at their own expense. You can sit back within the comfort of your own home and play poker knowing that if you bust out of the event that you are not going to be any worse off than before the event started.

Do not think that a $50 or a $100 pickup in a freeroll is a small amount of money. When you turn fresh air into dollars then the risk-reward is infinite. I have known players use $100 and turn that into significant sums of money. Some years ago I turned $100 into $10,000 in my bankroll challenge. If you are thinking….. “Yes but Carl, we don’t have your skill or experience”……..well that may or may not be true but even if it is, how about this for a plan.

Why not split the $100 and buy some used books from Amazon on no limit hold’em. Study them for three months and then use the remaining $50 as a bankroll to play $0.01-$0.02 cash games with $2 buy ins. Even only having $50 gives you a decent bankroll to play games where the buy in is only $2. With a good poker grounding behind you then you should be able to do well at the micro stake levels even with a minimal amount of poker education.  


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